Greyhound Seats USA- New "19" Edition Seat

Greyhound Seats USA -

Greyhound Seats USA- New "19" Edition Seat

Greyhound Seats USA Introduces “19” Line

Greyhound "19" Seat

After a successful 2018 campaign, Greyhound Seats USA is proud to introduce the Greyhound “19” line.  Produced and manufactured by Alessandro Sferrella, Greyhound has continued to bring innovation and quality as one of its key drivers to their success.

The new “19” line will be available in all models except T1 and run through sizes 28 to 38.  The new shape of the seat is designed to give comfort and stability all in one package.  The shape gives pilots additional support around their legs, indentation in the hips for additional room, and a steeper angle for a lower center of gravity.  The flexibility of the seats are kept the same based on models (Silver, Viper, RS etc.)

The Italy team has found positive responses among drivers/ teams and are proud to delivery yet another option for it racers. 

Limited Sizes, Quantity, and Models currently available.  Order while in stock!


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