Factory Karts of America Partners with Greyhound Seats USA

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Factory Karts of America Partners with Greyhound Seats USA

Greyhound Seats USA is proud to be affiliated with Factory Karts of America. Incepted by a family of passionate racers, Billy Musgrave is ready to tackle the U.S. market with the help of Greyhound Seats USA. 

Based out of Riverside, California the US based company will be focusing on the Viper and Silver line of seats for 2021.  

"Billy Musgrave is a dedicated racer," stated Robert Bujdoso of Greyhound Seats USA. "We could not be happier to be affiliated with a team and program that puts out 110% every weekend." 

Adding some flare for 2021, Factory Karts of America will be rocking branded printed seats for their drivers from sizes 30-33.  The Musgrave Racing Team will also be supporting the SKUSA Winter Series, SKUSA Pro Tour, LAKC, and PKC California.  

"I'm so excited to launch this brand new project in January and show the karting market just how fast American Steel can be," explained Billy Musgrave of Factory Karts of America. "We kept our heads down in 2020, attending races with the sole intention of finding flaws and improving the product and we are so excited to show what we've come up with in the last few months of the year. We are even more excited to announce this collaboration with Greyhound Seats USA to match our frames with the perfect range of seat options to maximize performance and win races."

For additional information on how to join Factory Karts of America contact Billy Musgrave:

(951) 500-7175 


Inquires on becoming a Greyhound dealer contact Robert Bujdoso:

(330) 233-3145